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Dave Floyd is an attorney & Realtor in Austin, Texas. He works with the Foskitt Law Office and Floyd Real Estate. Floyd was a candidate for Austin City Council in 2014 and lives in the Zilker Neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fly Fishing

Yesterday I posted a link to a post on An Austin Angler's Journal written by my friend Andy about our 2010 fly fishing trip on the Big Thompson River in Rocky Mountain National Park.   This reminded me that a while back I had written a post about this fly fishing trip and the guide we hired.   Check out each post if you're interested in fly fishing in Colorado and/or on the Big Thompson River.  

Andy's post is pretty good... and now I'd rather be fishing in Colorado as opposed to sitting in my office.  I'd also like to note that in 2011 we went back to the Big Thompson but didn't hire a guide.  Andy caught some trout; however, after my less successful attempts I decided that hiring a guide in the future would be money well spent.