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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Social media update: When "The Harlem Shake" Goes Too Far

When The Harlem Shake is a Bad Idea

Apparently, some customers and employees have chosen to do "The Harlem Shake" in workplaces such as airplanes and mines:

Social media update: are your employees doing “The Harlem Shake”? - ACC Newsstand - Powered by Lexology

As the article notes, the mine employees in Australia probably regret having made a video of their performance.  In the case of airplanes, it appears that ground vs air is a good distinction to make when planning your flash mob.  Flight crews dancing while the plane is at the gate may be seen as cheeky and fun, while the FAA may view in flight performances (see above) as a risk for things turning dark and tragic.

I like fun and hilarity as much as the next guy, but the shenanigans of Southwest Airlines employees are much more appropriate while flying through the stratosphere than a plane full of passengers gyrating to dance music.
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